Run The Jewels Welcome An Alien Invasion In The Surreal ‘Call Ticketron’ Video

It was another banner year for Run The Jewels. They put out one of the year’s best albums, again, rocked a ton of shows, again, and just generally continued to be great. Simply put, Killer Mike and El-P don’t miss, and even with all of that behind them they still decided to come back with one last gift for their fans before the new year in the form of the “Call Ticketron” video.

Right out the gate, with a news report and a puppet snorting coke, it’s apparent this isn’t your typical rappers rapping into the camera music video. The clip takes Mike, P and DJ Trackstar into a surreal world, where their sold out Madison Square Garden show is suddenly empty, and where something supernatural or extra terrestrial is clearly going down on earth. The trio is undeterred though, and Mike and P deliver their blitzkrieg of bars as Track watches approvingly from the background.

Eventually, aliens make their presence on the planet known, but still the trio isn’t bothered as they await their visitors with a blunt just like Mike said he would earlier in the track. It’s another beat murdered, and another creative visual from RTJ while their world impatiently awaits whatever is next from the group.

Check out Run The Jewels’ “Call Ticketron” video above.