Run The Jewels Get Taken Into Custody In Their New ‘Legend Has It’ Video

Run The Jewels are back at it with another cinematic masterstroke. Taken from their latest album Run The Jewels 3, today the pair of Killer Mike and El-P unveiled a brand new video for the song “Legend Has It.”

The video finds the dynamic duo being taken into police custody and then being thrown into a lineup to be picked out by an unseen witness. As the clip continues, the odds keep piling up against them, presenting a vivid allegory about how the system uses its power to keep select persons down. It ends with Killer Mike being handcuffed while on the ground, his eyes never wavering from the camera.

According to director Brian Beletic,

“The video for ‘Legend Has It’ plays with the theme of guilty until proven innocent. We live in a world where the stronger the truth the greater the opposition. In this story EL-P and Killer Mike are in a police lineup and the cards are stacked heavily against them. But why is that?” And for Run the Jewels, “this video is a worst nightmare scenario. High on acid and caught in the system. Pitted against icons of innocence in a police line up that doesn’t feel real. No bunnies were hurt in the making of this video.”

Catch the socially-conscious clip above.