Ryley Walker Brings Structure To His Jam Background On The Adventurous New Album, ‘Deafman Glance’

02.28.18 12 months ago

There’s a definite appeal to jam-focused music: The sense of improvisation inherent to the style results in songs that feel free, open, and like they can go anywhere. That’s the world from which Ryley Walker comes, but on his next album, he’s looking to change things up: He just announced that Deafman Glance will be out on May 18th via Dead Oceans, and said that while making this record, he realized that he “didn’t want to be jammy acoustic guy anymore.”

Walker has definitely shed that skin on “Telluride Speed,” a new song that oscillates between folk to grungy jazz, often on a second-to-second basis, and embodies the adventurous spirit of Van Morrison’s early work. It’s an exciting look at an artist used to more freeform work reeling it in in a way that doesn’t betray the sense of wonder and exploration that’s appealing about jam music.

Walker says of the album:

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