Santigold Employs Shadow Puppets In ‘Banshee’ Video

Santigold released a strong record earlier this year in 99¢, but it’s the visual output related to the album that has been really impressive. In addition to some cool live performances, Santigold has put out some interesting music videos. For example, earlier this year she made an interactive video for “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” that allowed viewers to use their webcam so they could insert their faces into the video. Now, she has released a video for the song “Banshee,” which you can’t put yourself into, but you can at least watch some elaborate shadow puppets.

There are a few elements to the “Banshee” video. This includes Santigold panhandling on the street with a sign that says “Will work for blood.” However, it’s the shadows, and particularly the shadow puppets, that really make the video evocative. We aren’t talking shadow puppets like where you make a bird with your hands. Artist Kara Walker made intricate puppets of herself and Santigold which they manipulate and move around throughout the video. The movements may be a little herky-jerky, but they do look cool nevertheless.

“I have made shadow puppet videos before, but I’ve never made a puppet that was a portrait of someone (besides myself),” said Walker. “It’s been a few years now, but the last video I made shows one puppet being tortured and set on fire — so this video is a bit more cheerful.” Indeed, if nothing else the video for “Banshee” is more cheerful than a video of a puppet being tortured and set on fire.

(Via New York Times)