Selena Gomez’s New Single ‘Bad Liar’ Samples Talking Heads, And Apparently David Byrne Loves It

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05.18.17 2 Comments

Selena Gomez has finally released her new single “Bad Liar” after several teases on her social media. It’s just the latest from the former Disney star, following the success of 13 Reasons Why which she executive produced on Netflix. It was easy to tell that people were clamoring for something new from Gomez — most of the teasers on Instagram commanded over 1 million views, with one even peaking at 4 million — and she delivered something that very different from her previous work.

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One of the reasons for that might be the injection of the classic Talking Heads song “Psycho Killer” into the mix. The classic bass line is instantly recognizable to start the song and plays a supporting role throughout. If you enjoy it, you’re not alone. Talking Heads founder David Byrne reportedly gave Gomez the seal of approval for the song according to Billboard:

Gomez’s label Interscope reportedly played the track for David Byrne who, according to a source, liked the track so much he gave authority for its use.

A spokesperson for Byrne substantiated the news saying that he liked the song and “wholeheartedly gave his permission.”

Gomez also released a video exclusively on Spotify for the song, keeping its look simple and restrained. Far away from the typical pop world she commands.

(Via Billboard)

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