Selena Gomez Is Back In A Romantic Mood On Her ‘Only You’ Yaz Cover

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I hear that Selena Gomez through her computer out the window because she wanted to make something real. And while we don’t know how much arpeggiator was involved, the synths on this cinematic cover of Yaz’s “Only You” are just lovely. The slow, smoky and romantic ballad from the soundtrack to the 13 Reasons Why mini-series she’s produced for Netflix gives us an idea of the mood that the show is reaching for, if “girl sends tapes from beyond the grave to explain why she decided to end her life” doesn’t do that well enough.

“Only You” gets pride of place on the adaptation of the hit young adult novel’s upcoming soundtrack, which is a mix of modern tracks by Lord Huron and Chromatics and New Wave staples. Alongside originals by The Cure and Joy Division, there’s another cover of Echo & The Bunnymen electronic pop group Roman Remains.

Overall, it looks like Selena Gomez is flexing to bring a story that meant quite a lot to a lot of kids and introducing them to some classics in the process. If you aren’t Team Selena yet, give “Only You” and the rest of the soundtrack several spins and get on board before Reasons premieres on Netflix on March 31.

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