Selena Gomez Used Her First ‘Vogue’ Cover To Talk About The Therapy Technique That Saved Her Life

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Selena Gomez is on the cover of April’s Vogue, a huge moment for her because this is her first official American Vogue cover, and that’s every famous girl’s dream, right? Of course, the profile is cloyingly done by a male writer who must babble on about her “mane of chocolate brown hair,” feeling protective of her, and note her “tiny waist” while he puts an apron on her. Yuck. If only Vogue‘s writing could match their photography!

But I digress, because what Selena says in the story more than makes up for the gross male gaze that’s needlessly applied. She used the biggest moment of her career to talk about her mental health struggles, helping barrel down that door and let teen girls everywhere — and everyone else — feel like it’s okay to be struggling. You guys — it’s absolutely, 100% okay to be struggling.

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