Shania Twain Finally Comes To ‘Broad City’ And Sings The Perfect Song During A Gym Sex Scene

For years now, Broad City‘s Abbi Abrams (Abbi Jacobson’s character) has been perpetuating the lie that she trains Shania Twain at the gym where she works. Well, it turns out that the myth has turned into a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, since Twain actually appeared on last night’s episode (titled “Twaining Day”) and worked out at Soulstice.

Twain’s appearance was more than just a simple cameo, because she was really all over the episode. She tries to weasel her way out of working out by saying she wants to go home and watch Friends, she records song ideas on her phone, and most notably, she serenades a steamy gym lovemaking session between Abbi and Trey with the best possible song selection: “You’re Still the One.”

Twain was fantastic and funny on camera, and she had a real impact on set as well. In a behind the scenes video about the episode, Ilana Glazer showers her with praise:

“She was so funny. She was so down to play with herself as an icon. […] Such an honor. She was so fun and sweet and funny.”

Watch a couple clips and a behind the scenes video above, and check out Twain’s locker room performance of “You’re Still The One” here, at 18:47 into the episode.