Watch Masked Artist SICKICK Make A Song Out Of Street Sounds

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Opening for Drake gave Toronto artist SICKICK command of the largest crowd he’s ever entertained. But with performances like this Uproxx exclusive, massive crowds of his own might not be too far off for the fellow T-Dot resident.

“I Wanna Know (Summer Remix)” perfectly encapsulates the Uncharted alum’s style, sourcing sounds and inspiration wherever it strikes him. In fact, he found the sounds of this remix while walking around Toronto with our video crew. He pulled the track’s components from all over the cityscape, rapping his knuckles on street signs, tapping bottles against lightposts, dragging his finger along a vent and even tossing a construction cone, gathering organic tones one can’t manufacture on a computer.

Once he got back into his home studio, the producer pulled all those disparate sounds together with a bouncy bass line and a robotic vocal hook. While most listeners would simply have to wonder where SICKICK grabbed his sounds, the clip shows off just how much work goes into every little piece in real time with incredible detail. Check it out up top and don’t miss SICKICK’s episode where he explains how he went from a shy introvert to a masked madman on the festival main stage.

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