Skepta Sells Out For Fame In The Hilarious ‘Hypocrisy’ Video

Skepta is back with a new video for his song “Hypocrisy,” and it’s pretty far out for the North London roadman who’s been bringing UK grime from London raves to the world.

The last time we heard from Drake’s favorite British rapper, he was working with Canada’s unofficial rap ambassador to bring British crime drama Top Boy back to our television sets. He also became one of the first rappers to receive the UK’s coveted Mercury Prize in 2016, after his album Konnichiwa completely “shut down” British radio. He says he used the prize money to fund community-oriented programs and a movie about his label, Boy Betta Know.

The video for “Hypocrisy,” which you can watch above, has some Brits salty, as it forgoes grime’s usual “road” aesthetic — MC’s usually shoot videos outdoors or on the estates where they grew up — for a slick, studio-based visual that complements the themes of the track. “Hypocrisy” addresses the phoniness and pretentious attitudes of superstars as they blow up, as well as the obsequious fawning of new fans seeking to hop the gravy train.

The video features Skepta as the host of a cornball French variety show, replete with all the old-school pretentious Parisian stereotypes: Tight, black-and-white striped long sleeve, beret, and a bouquet of white roses. There is a nod to the roadman of old if you look hard enough. IOn one scene, he is surrounded by “clones,” wearing his all-white uniform from the “Shutdown” video. It’s pretty funny, and shows that despite still writing tough guy raps, Skepta doesn’t take himself or his newfound success too seriously to have a little fun.