‘Slowcore Legends’ Low Fast Forward Through The NYC Subway System

Hahaha…as Pitchfork so Pitchforkily describes them, “Minnesota slowcore legends” Low have a new video out for their song, “Especially Me,” that’s, well, kind of captivating. I’ve long enjoyed their music, mostly to accentuate rainy days and times of heartbreak, and I kinda dig this song, but what really got me about this video are the fast-forward clips of singer/drummer Mimi Parker riding around on the NYC subway system — it hypnotized me like a child watching Barney and Friends for the first time.

But now that that’s over, I’ll think I’ll just sit here for the rest of the evening and laugh at the phrase “Minnesota slowcore legends” a bit more, so go ahead and carry on and don’t mind me.

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