Slowthai Apologizes For His ‘Shameful Actions’ At The NME Awards But Fans Still Aren’t Happy

UK rapper Slowthai was given the trophy for the fan-voted Hero Of The Year award at the NME Awards Wednesday night and the rapper then took his award as an invitation to cause a ruckus. Slowthai made a scene during the awards ceremony. The rapper inappropriately grabbed host Katherine Ryan on stage, heckled an audience member who called him out, lit to light a cigarette inside, then started a fight with a man in the crowd. Slowthai was even escorted out of the event by security. The rapper then apologized the next day to Ryan and his fans, expressing his embarrassment over his actions and promising to “do better.” But while the rapper may be regretful of his actions, fans are taking his apology with a grain of salt.

Slowthai began the night with a performance of “Deal Wiv It” with his collaborator Mura Masa. During the rowdy performance, Slowthai dropped his pants and mooned the crowd. While the playful act was an unconventional sight for an awards ceremony, Slowthai was just getting started.

The rapper took the stage to accept his Hero of the Year award from host and comedian Katherine Ryan. But Slowthai wasn’t about to give your average acceptance speech. Instead, the rapper turned his attention towards Ryan, lit a cigarette, and began making lewd comments about the host during his speech. When one audience member voiced their discomfort, Slowthai addressed the heckler with anger. “Thank you for ruining my speech,” he said before throwing his microphone into the crowd. The audience, equally outraged, threw the microphone back. The rapper then escalated the situation by tossing a full glass of champagne to the crowd, then jumping down and starting a fight.

The next day, Slowthai apologized to Ryan and his fans for his actions. Ryan dismissed his apology, saying she knew he was kidding.

Fans, although, didn’t let him off the hook so easily.