Smino Plays His Own Dad And Shows Off Some Terrible Table Manners In His Comedic ‘L.M.F.’ Video

Smino shows off more of his off-kilter sense of humor in the lighthearted video to his first Smino Noir single, “L.M.F.” The video finds the afroed rapper returning home to St. Louis with his pet “monkey” — which might actually be a lemur — to throw an awesome house party for his friends, but first he has to make it through an awkward family dinner with his mischevious pops — played by himself, naturally.

The backyard boogie gives the whole neighborhood a chance to live it up with their hometown hero as he preps the release of his sophomore album, Smino Noir, and basks in the glory of a year’s worth of standout guest performances alongside Noname, Tobi Lou, and T-Pain. “L.M.F.,” short for “Lion Mufasa,” plays up those successes as Smino jams along, proving that despite some eccentricities — like buying a lemur — he remains the same, down-to-earth rapper he was on Blkswn.

Smino Noir, his follow-up album coming on November 9 through Interscope and his own Zero Fatigue Records, is “about intentional fun.” Smino describes it as “just having fun and living off my own confidence. I’m not trying to be like anyone else’s art. I’m just trying to be the art that’s coming out of me. It’s just honest.”