The New Sia Snapchat Filter Is The Cheap Thrill You Didn’t Know You Needed

SeriesFest: Season Two - Opening Night With Sia
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Joining the ranks of such heralded and beloved Snapchat filters as the kissing puppy dog and the floral Coachella inspired crown, the new Sia filter is yet another thing users can utilize to, quite literally, hide any imperfections. Released this past Thursday, the filter dons Snapchatters in Sia’s iconic face-covering black and white wig, vibrant cardinal lipstick and a gloriously oversized bow. On Twitter, where the 40-year-old singer-songwriter describes herself as, “born from the bumhole of a unicorn named Steve,” her team let her 2.5 million followers know it was time to “wig out.”

However, beyond capturing still images of yourself masquerading as the power vocalist, the filter allows you to sing like her as well. Upon digitally putting on your Sia disguise, her most recent hit “Cheap Thrills” radiates from the app and allows you to belt out the captivating pop lyrics whilst acting as her doppelgänger.

The esteemed musical artist, who has penned the lyrics of a profuse amount of your favorite songs from Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” to Britney Spears’ “Perfume,” has previously addressed the reason for her quintessential look.

Appearing on an episode of Ellen from December of 2015, the comedian inquired of the then 39-year-old Sia about her persistent use of the famed wig. The “Chandelier” artist responded, “Well, it’s just so that I can go to Target and buy a hose if I want to,” adding, “Or if I find I’m in need of a restroom, I can go in the side of the road, no one would be following me with a camera trying to get a shot.”

Check out the Sia Snapchat filter that is likely what she was talking about when writing “Cheap Thrills,” and catch her on tour where her next stop is New York City on July 24.