Ranking The 5 Best Collaborations Between Pharrell And Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg and Pharrell have been collaborating for almost the entirety of this century. It’s almost arguable that, aside from Dr. Dre, who discovered him, no producer has been more instrumental in Snoop’s mainstream success than Skateboard P.

With that in mind, it’s only logical that these two would link up on Bush, Snoop’s 13th studio album produced entirely by Pharrell. We’ve heard tracks like “Peaches N Cream,” “California Roll,” and “So Many Pros,” but before the whole thing drops on May 12, we decided to compile, narrow down, and rank the times that Snoop and P joined forces before. Here are their five best collaborations…

5. Snoop Dogg: “From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace”

With his first single after transitioning off of No Limit Records, Snoop had to reinvent himself. There was no finer place to start at the time than with The Neptunes, who were producing other-worldly sounding beats. Their first collab would be the genesis of something huge.

4. Pharrell: “That Girl” featuring Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson

On In My Mind, Pharrell’s 2005 solo debut, P called on all the artists who he gave No. 1 hits to over the years to help him out for once. The album was criminally overlooked at the time, but one of the gems that actually was appreciated was this collab with Snoop. Now that Pharrell is in every household in America, hopefully people will revisit it.

3. Snoop Dogg: “Let’s Get Blown” featuring Pharrell and Charlie Wilson

Snoop is typically at his best these days when he flows over soul and funk beats from years past. So, when Pharrell cooks up a beat built around ’80s funk staple “Watching You” by Slave, someone like Snoop is gonna glide all over it. As someone going by Uncle Snoop nowadays, it would make sense for him to bump something like this with something to relax him in hand.

2. Snoop Dogg: “Drop It Like It’s Hot” featuring Pharrell

His highest charting song ever, Snoop made the phrase “Drop It Like It’s Hot” enter the national lexicon off the power of this hit, despite its origins maybe a half decade before. Featuring the perfect loungey schmaltz from post space-age Neptunes production, it also has possibly Pharrell’s best rap verse ever. Though, “Mr. Me Too” and “Move That Dope” fight for second place on that one.

1. Snoop Dogg: “Beautiful” featuring Pharrell and Charlie Wilson

“Beautiful” is the perfect template for post-Death Row Snoop Dogg. He’s no longer the guy who running the streets or breaking up fights between girls who want him. He’s a boss, he’s grown, and he wants to make music that reflects that but doesn’t compromise who he used to be. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” was lightning in a bottle, and nothing should take away from that, but “Beautiful” is the master recipe.