Snoop Dogg Shares His List Of Top Ten Rappers Of All Time List

Over the past week, Snoop Dogg has been looking back on his career. It began with his Verzuz battle with DMX, which found both artists playing some of their classic records. A few days later he stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss it, prompting him to reminisce about his “Still D.R.E.” collaboration with Dr. Dre. Snoop revealed that Jay-Z wrote the entire song, his and Dre’s verses included. Now he’s looking at hip-hop’s past once again, sharing his top ten rappers of all time in an Instagram post.

In his post, he cited Slick Rick, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, KRS One, Rakim, Run from Run D.M.C., D from Run D.M.C., Big Daddy Kane, Ice T, and Too Short. Along with the list, Snoop sent out a message to his fans in the caption.

“A lot n****z been cryin about me leaving people off my top 10 without. Even seeing my shit so here it is,” he wrote. “F. Y. I. Notice how none of my peers or m. Cs after me are on the list respect ya. Gz is what I was taught if u offended you’ll get over it I get left off a lot of top10s I’m not even on this one.”

The message comes after fans were critical of Snoop Dogg saying Eminem was not in his top ten rappers of all time. When asked why Eminem was left out of his list, he said, “There’s just some n****s in the ’80s that he can’t f*ck with.” He would later show love to the Detroit legend in another Instagram post.