Watch The First Episode Of Snoop Dogg’s Football Show

We all know Snoop Dogg is nothing if not a shrewd entrepreneur. He’s always popping up places with something new to sell. We also know that he has a few loves in life: rap music, marijuana, and, most pertinent to this article, sports. Snoop has released the first episode of his new internet football talk show, Turf’d Up.

Snoop, or Coach Snoop as he is known in the parlance of Turf’d Up, has teamed with sports apparel brand Adidas to bring us this new show. As such, Snoop is decked out head to toe in Adidas stuff, and we also get to see Snoop in action a bit as a youth football coach, so we know he’s legit.

The first guest is Terrell Owens, the great, and controversial, former NFL wide receiver. Snoop and Owens sit in ostentatious black chairs and talk about Owens’ career, their favorite players, and Owens’ relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback, and T.O.’s former teammate, Tony Romo.

There’s also a Top 3 list, because 10 was probably too many to come up with (they couldn’t even get three funny answers) and later Coach Snoop draws up a football play as well.

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to see Snoop Dogg talk about football for, like, eight minutes, check out Turf’d Up. He does know football, at least, and Owens is a pretty good first guest.