Fans Are Reportedly Upset With Soulja Boy For Not Delivering Products They Ordered From His Online Store

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Fans who ordered products from Soulja Boy‘s online store have reportedly been waiting for months for their products and requests for service have gone unanswered, according to Complex. Complex previously reported that orders had gone unfulfilled in January, with Soulja Boy telling the outlet his team had received more orders than expected. However, three months later, Complex says that it has been inundated with emails from fans who either hadn’t received products or hadn’t received refunds from the account listed on the store.

Customers were apparently interested in the products — Soulja-branded duplicates of Apple Watch and a video game console among them — due to their relatively lower price points compared to the name-brand versions of the products. The endeavor proved to be lucrative for Soulja, who claimed that he sold $250,000 worth of merchandise in the first day of availability, but fans seem fed up waiting for the rapper’s store to turnaround their requests. One email Complex re-printed reads: “I purchased four smart watches for my nieces. They keep asking me REPEATEDLY over and over for their watches! I’m a disappointed customer and deserve full refund.”

Another customer said that she helped her son make the purchase with some of his birthday cash, despite her own misgivings. “I only agreed to order it for him because he gave me the cash that he saved from his birthday,” she wrote. “I warned him that I didn’t trust it but he felt good about it because it was from Soulja Boy. We have yet to receive any watch! My son is still holding on to hope that maybe it’ll just take a while. I have no faith that he will ever receive it.”

Meanwhile, the story notes that despite these issues, Soulja Boy is still directing fans to his to buy his latest product — a version of Apple Airpods he has dubbed, that’s right, Soulja Pods.