Soulja Boy Is Being Sued By The Woman He Allegedly Kidnapped In 2019

Soulja Boy is being sued by the woman who accused him of kidnapping her in 2019, according to TMZ. Kayla Myers previously accused Soulja Boy and his assistant of tying her up in his garage after a disagreement escalated to a physical altercation at the rapper’s home. Myers’ suit includes accusations of assault, battery, and false imprisonment, while she’s also accusing a male assistant of sexual battery, alleging that he offered to untie her if she performed oral sex on him.

Myers said at the time that she suffered three fractured ribs. Soulja Boy denied the accusations, saying that he never even saw Myers on the date of the alleged assault, as she came to his house irate and inebriated after he broke up with her, fighting with Soulja’s female manager, who broke Myers’ ribs and gave her a concussion during the fight. Soulja says he never came out of the house, where he and several other people were partying.

Police investigated Myers’ claims, raiding Soulja’s home, but were unable to find evidence to support her claims. They did, however, find ammunition and a weapon he wasn’t supposed to have and arrested him for violating the terms of his probation. Soulja spent three months in jail and upon his release, decided to tighten his circle and spend less time on social media after his home was burglarized.

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