St. Vincent Covering Brian Eno At A House Party In Paris Is Possibly The Coolest Thing Ever

Here is a video of exceedingly bada$s guitarist St. Vincent covering Brian Eno’s “Some of Them Are Old,” one of the best songs from the absolutely brilliant Here Come the Warm Jets, at a house party in Paris thrown by Elvis Costello’s long-time keyboardist, Steve Nieve, who played on Get Happy!! and This Year’s Model.

That sentence is so cool, I can’t help pulling out this ol’ chestnut of a GIF:

Anyway, Obvious Films filmed the angelic performance and superimposed St. Vincent’s not-unattractive face over some desert driving footage, which proves my theory that only St. Vincent can make scenery of a gas station in the middle of nowhere seem harmonious.

And here’s the original:


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