The Original ‘Star Wars’ Soundtrack Will Be Reissued On This Amazing Picture Disc Vinyl

Whether you are a true fan of the Star Wars franchise or simply a hipster who must collect the finest exclusive releases, you’ll be excited to know that a fantastic reissue of the original film’s soundtrack is on its way.

John Williams’ iconic score of A New Hope is set to be available for purchase on September 30 with a picture disc vinyl set that dons iconic imagery from the classic film. While each side of the 2-LP set features dynamic images of the beloved galaxy far, far away, the ones which encapsulate “the dark side” are undoubtedly the most striking.

With one side sporting Vader in his hard-to-breathe helmet and the other displaying the pernicious Death Star, you’ll feel prompted to reach for that red lightsaber or maybe even claim paternity to the film’s hero.

The set will run you $35 and can currently only be pre-ordered on Amazon. Though it’s certainly possible to relish in the legendary melodies of “The Imperial March” or the film’s “Main Title” without these records, I suspect the award-winning score is much more mellifluous when coming from the spinning faces of Han Solo and Chewbacca on your turntable.

September 30 can’t come soon enough.