Stephen Colbert Teams With Gorillaz For A Very Special ‘Late Show’ Rendition Of ‘Feel Good Inc.’

It’s a position that no one likes to be in. You need De La Soul, but there’s not De La Soul available. Thankfully for Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s outfit Gorillaz, Stephen Colbert is game to play substitute rapper/nice coat model.

Colbert lent a hand when Gorillaz ladled out an extended performance to his NYC audience as part of the The Late Show Presents: Bonus Tracks series. (You might remember when the group aligned forces with Pusha T last week.) Bundled together in sort a fun size concert doc type thing, the 28-minute bit of bonus has Gorillaz performing tunes with behind-the-scenes moments and interview chunklets nestled in the proceedings.

The star attraction in the Gorillaz set is Colbert filling in for De La Soul on “Feel Good Inc.” complete with a few lyrical tweaks from the CBS host. Damon Albarn seems to be happy with how things panned out and Colbert holds up his end of bargain in admirable fashion. Come for the tunes, stay for the Colbert wiggling on a screen in a warm coat! That said, we don’t imagine Colbert’s going to be joining them on tour. Gorillaz will still manage fine without him. We wouldn’t mind if an animated version of Colbert showed up from time-to-time with the band, though.