Watch Steve Gleason And Other Celebrities Interview Pearl Jam About Their New Album

Pearl Jam have already released two music videos from their new album, “Lightning Bolt,” which is typically two more than they ever release for anything. Perhaps the coolest video they’ve released so far is the aptly-named short film “Lightning Bolt,” which features several celebrities interviewing the band about this new album. Among them, director/producer Judd Apatow, Portlandia’s better half Carrie Brownstein and surfer Mark Richards. But the best question of all comes from former New Orleans Saints safety and current incredible inspiration to everyone, Steve Gleason.

“Okay, so with my first question… it’s been five years since ‘Backspacer.’ That’s the longest stretch between records. What the fuck?”

Gleason also asks which song the band is most proud of and Jeff Ament says that it’s “Sirens,” which has been on nonstop play in my fortress of solitude, but I’m actually posting this video for two reasons: 1) I always feel like a 13-year old dork again when I’m waiting for a new Pearl Jam album, and 2) If you haven’t watched the NFL Films special on Gleason’s battle with ALS and his trip to Machu Picchu, do yourselves a favor and watch it right here.

Because when you do, I guarantee you will be inspired to do more.