The Black Keys Regret Inducting Steve Miller Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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With Seal otherwise unavailable, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of the Black Keys agreed to induct Steve Miller into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They immediately regretted their decision, much like how I regret turning to a classic rock radio station that’s playing a Steve Miller Band song.

Showing emotion for the first time ever, Miller told Rolling Stone that “this whole industry f*cking sucks,” and that the Hall of Fame is “like a private boys’ club and it’s a bunch of jackasses and jerks and f*cking gangsters and crooks who’ve f*cking stolen everything from a f*cking artist.” (He’s mostly mad that he only got two tickets to the induction ceremony.) He later added that if the Hall wants to be taken seriously, “they need to f*cking become transparent. They need to stop lying. They need to stop all the bullsh*t and they need to clean it up and they need to expand it. They need to include a lot more people. And the most important thing is the f*cking board of this organization really needs to enlarge their gene pool. I think you understand.”

The Black Keys understand, and now they want nothing to do with Miller, who Auerbach described as deeply “unpleasant.” He and Carney were “definitely disappointed” that Miller had no idea who they were, and the first thing he said to them was, “I can’t wait to get out of here.” Oh, so Cleveland’s motto?

Uh, yeah. Pat and I both regret [accepting the invitation to induct him]… It’s unfortunate. Of course there are problems in the music industry. Of course. But we were there, unpaid, on our own free will, to come celebrate his achievements and spread the joy of rock and roll. To inspire kids to pick up guitars. To play music. And it felt like we were doing the opposite. (Via)

After they got offstage, Auerbach says, “we left while [Miller] was playing. We left immediately. We walked right outside and left the f*cking building.” One could say he… flew like an eagle out of there. Anyway, this tiff, or whatever, comes down to Steve Miller being mad the Rock Hall didn’t give him unlimited tickets, and the Black Keys are pissed Miller doesn’t know who they are.

It’s exhausting, and distracts from what really matters: This quote.

Miles Davis was burning Steve Miller before it was cool.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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