Stevie Nicks On ‘American Horror Story’ Made No Sense, But It Was Still Great

Ryan Murphy is like a far less talented Matthew Weiner: he does things just ’cause he can. Whereas Weiner’s “things” include blowing your whole budget on a single Beatles song, Murphy instead writes an entire season of American Horror Story about witches just so he has an excuse for Stevie Nicks to drop by.

I hate the man, but I don’t blame him. If I was running a show, I’d make every episode about Pavement, that way it wouldn’t seem weird when Stephen Malkmus appeared as a doctor, then a lawyer, then a neighbor, then a dog catcher…OK, fine, I’m going to call the show Pavement, and then it’ll get a spinoff, Boyz II Men III Senior Citizens.

Anyway, here’s Stevie singing “Rhiannon,” featuring Lily Rabe twirling for some reason.