The Poop Cruise Is Causing Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath To Cancel His 90s Music Concert Cruise Thing

Looks like it’s time to find another birthday gift for grandma. Back in January, we told you about the Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise, in which the sounds of your Best of Y2K mixtape, nay, youth itself — including Sugar Ray, Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, and the Verve Pipe — were scheduled to perform all your favorite hit(s?) for you on a Horatio Sanz-less boat trip from Florida to the Bahamas. Unfortunately, as the AV Club reports, everything falls apart.

The Mark McGrath And Friends Cruise has been canceled before it could ever set sail, consigning its mid-’90s artists to the sort of drydock drifting that does not also include make-your-own-sundae bars. The announcement was made with the usual lyricism one has come to expect from the Sugar Ray frontman, who changed the event’s official website to read, “The Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise Has Been Cancelled” without further elaboration. (Via)

McGrath, however, did answer questions via Twitter, where his account profile makes no mention of Sugar Ray, but does trump him as the “3x Rock and Roll Jeopardy Champion…” The reason why the Social Event of 2013 was shut down:

It’s like Hurricane Katrina combined with the Poop Cruise times 9/11. And because it’s constantly 1997 (or 1912?) in McGrath’s mind, a Titanic reference.

Fans of misplaced nostalgia and/or big ass boats ought not to fret too much, though: Rob Thomas is here to help.

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(Via AV Club)