T-Pain And Kehlani Pull A Slick Scam In Their Western-Themed ‘I Like Dat’ Video

T-Pain may have suffered through a long depression as a result of some harsh criticism but recently, he’s been experiencing a career renaissance that must certainly feel validating after he was once blamed for “f*cking up music.” His song “I Like Dat” with Kehlani — which flipped one of his most iconic hits before TikTok could get to it — led to a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and renewed interest in future collaborations. Now, he’s shared the Western-themed music video for the track, piggybacking on the continued “Yee-Haw Agenda” that is also back after a year off due to COVID.

The video follows the exploits of T-Pain’s outlaw salesman character as he rides his coach into town to pitch his “Drank” — as you “Let me buy you…” — using Kehlani as his plant to convince the townspeople to buy his entire stock. Its advertised effect? Instant attraction from women, as demonstrated by Kehlani receiving a big, wet kiss from a beautiful bystander. After delivering a performance at the local saloon, the two cowpokes skedaddle before anyone can wise up to their “love potion”‘s clearly exaggerated effects.

Fortunately for T-Pain’s fans, they can try his real dranks courtesy of his book of cocktail recipes coming soon. Watch the video for “I Like Dat” above.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.