T-Pain Is Taking A Break From Music To Avoid Permanently Damaging His Voice

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T-Pain is taking a hiatus from music to rest his voice. On Thursday, the “Buy U A Drank” singer posted a three-minute video to Instagram breaking some shocking news to his fans. The 33-year-old rapper/singer/producer had been ordered by his doctor to cut his tour short. He was told he must take a break from music to avoid permanently damaging his vocal chords.

“The truth of the matter is, I haven’t been taking good care of myself,” Pain explained in the video. “After my last couple of shows I started getting a few pains in my throat and I went to my doctor. And yeah, he basically told me that I had to get off the road immediately or I’m going to start permanent damage to my voice.”

As shocking as this news is, the specter of permanent vocal damage is one that hangs around nearly all singers, especially those with rigorous touring schedules like Pain’s. Just last year, SZA had to enter a period of convalescence after it was initially reported that the CTRL singer had “permanently injured” her vocal chords after an 11-month stint of touring.

T-Pain, went on to explain in the video that his doctor had given various medicines to take to treat his voice and administered a him “shot in my a*s.” He went on to explain that his upcoming dates would not be cancelled, but instead rescheduled to a later date.