Tame Impala’s New ‘Currents’ B-Sides Collection Includes Three Psychedelic New Songs

11.16.17 1 year ago

Tame Impala’s most recent album, 2015’s Currents, clocks in at nearly an hour, and yet, there’s still more to be heard. The band is releasing a collectors edition of the album, and it includes a new EP called Currents B-Sides & Remixes, which is streaming now and includes three new songs: “List Of People (To Try And Forget About),” “Powerlines,” and “Taxi’s Here.” There’s also a remix of “Reality In Motion” by Gum, and a remix of “Let It Happen” by Soulwax.

Zane Lowe premiered opening track “List Of People (To Try And Forget About)” on his Beats 1 Apple Radio show today, and Kevin Parker told him the song first came about “towards the end of Lonerism” and explained why it didn’t make the album:

“I guess maybe one of the reasons it didn’t end up on the album is because it was started on so early and I was kind of so over it by the time I was finishing the album. But by the time I got to finish it, I was really satisfied with it as a song, and as a chunk of my creativity and emotion and stuff.”

The Currents collectors edition is available for pre-order now and is expected to ship around November 17th. Currents B-Sides & Remixes is streaming right now, though, so listen to it below.

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