Taylor Swift Is Actually Louder Than The Sex Pistols, AC/DC, And Motörhead

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04.27.15 3 Comments
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There’s a person for everyone, and there’s a Wikipedia page for everything, including “loudest band in the world.” It dates back to 1968, when acid-rockers Blue Cheer were tripping out THE MAN while working on their second album, and it goes all the way to 2011, when Foo Fighters played a show in New Zealand that was recorded on a seismograph. In-between are familiar names like The Who, Manowar, and, um, Hanson, but they’ve all got nothing compared to Taylor Swift, whose 1989 is even louder than albums by the Sex Pistols, AC/DC, and Motörhead.

Production Advice, via Consequence of Sound, recently reported that due to the “so-called loudness wars, mainstream pop releases are being pushed onto CD and into mp3 files at such high levels, they’re technically much ‘hotter’ than some of the loudest acts in history.”

Which is how this happens:

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(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? is tied with 1989, but if that Oasis album had been replaced by Be Here Now, the most cocaine selection of songs ever recorded, there would be a new loudness king (don’t worry, Death Magnetic, you still win for being better than St. Anger). In any case, the next time your parents inform you that T-Swift sounds like a bunch of noise, tell them, “Yes.”

Via: Production Advice via Consequence of Sound

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