Taylor Swift Rocks Out To Jimmy Eat World In The New Apple Music Commercial

“Taylor Swift does the hits” seems to be the elevator pitch for Apple Music’s latest ad campaign. We’ve already seen Swift get so into “Jumpman” that she tastes ground, now we have the 1989 singer taking on a pre-teen classic in Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.”

The whole spot is just Taylor alternating between putting her make-up on and pulling her best Great Pretenders to the classic emo four-piece’s biggest hit, complete with a pretty great eye-liner/mic drop to close it out. While she says she’s getting ready to go out in the ad, we know she’s probably just getting dolled up for a fancy night with her cat.

There’s no telling if the Becky Effect will hold true for Jimmy Eat World but — given the boost she gave to Drake and Future — it wouldn’t be out of the question to see the song on the charts a full 15 years after the release of Bleed American.

Who knows? Maybe the whole thing is a long-gestating form of payback for Jimmy Eat World’s excellent “We Are Never Getting Back Together” cover.

We have no idea who Taylor Swift will take on next. After all, she turned a portion of her set every night into famous people karaoke. But we have an idea who it won’t be

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