Taylor Swift Casually Skipped The VMAs To Serve On A Jury In Nashville

Had Taylor Swift attended the VMAs last night, MTV would have focused one camera on her at all times, and at least two while Kanye West was giving his sporadic speech that referenced the “Famous” incident. Unfortunately, after not receiving a single nomination (unless you consider Nils Sjoberg’s, I mean, her co-songwriting credit on “This Is What You Came For”), Swift wasn’t able to attend because she was “busy” “preparing” for jury duty in Nashville.

The “Bad Blood” singer was spotted in Tennessee today (she owns a home there) after photos of Swift with her fellow civically minded jurors went viral.

Another Twitter user, @ToxicSwiftx, wrote, “My mom just casually has jury duty with Taylor SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and told People, “She signed some things and met some people. And yes [my mom] is so lucky! I’m really jealous.” (She has since made her Twitter account private, probably after being scolded by the social media police for using an excessive amount of exclamation points.)

This brings up a fun game: if you could be on a jury with any famous person, living or dead, who would it be? I’d pick Martin Lawrence and Jerry Seinfeld, so we can finally solve this Martin vs. Seinfeld debate once and for all.

Taylor Swift is already working on her surprised face when the defendant is found guilty.