Boy Has A Crush On A Girl Named Emily, As Evidenced By This Cringeworthy Bryan Adams Video He Made For Her

Earlier today we received an email on the tips line (tips at uproxx dot com) from a reader named Kyle that included a link to a YouTube video. His message to us was this: “Oh god please post this! Just. Please.” Naturally we watched the video and now know why Kyle was so adamant that we post it. Simply put, it’s painfully glorious. Or gloriously painful. Or perhaps something in between.

Anyway, watching this made me reflect back on all the stupid things I did for love when I was a teenager. And holy sh*t did I do a lot of stupid things for love when I was a teenager! Thank God the internet wasn’t around back then, otherwise I’d probably be this kid. I’d totally be this kid. Because of that, I can relate to him going to such humiliating lengths to court a girl, but that’s not gonna stop me from posting it. Besides, just look at that freakin’ shirt!

And that sweet guitar riff under the tree!

Thanks for the tip, Kyle.