Tekashi 69 Reportedly Hopes To Be Released From Prison In Early 2020

Now that Tekashi 69 has given his full testimony in the case against Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack, he hopes to be home by next spring — whatever “home” will looks like if he chooses to enter witness protection. The rapper, who pled “guilty” to the litany of charges filed against him and the rest of the Nine Trey Blood set in February, now must await the outcome of sentencing and hope his cooperation is enough to earn himself a 5K1 letter, which will secure his release after “time served.”

A 5K1 letter is a document that US attorneys use to detail witness’ cooperation. The judge will use the letter to determine leniency of sentencing. In Tekashi’s case that could mean dropping the original 47-year sentence mandated by his original charges to the 5 years mandated by his plea deal, or even — as Tekashi apparently hopes, according to statements made during his testimony — release in early 2020. Under cross examination, Tekashi admitted that that he believed he’d be released early next year, according to on-site reporting from independent journalist Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press.

Tekashi is reported saying, “Without a 5K1 letter, the minimum I could served would be 47 years,” but that if “The Judge gets it, [I] can go under the mandatory minimum. Like, time served.” When asked by the defense whether “time served” would mean an early 2020 release, Tekashi reportedly responded in the affirmative.

If Tekashi does receive an early release, he’d have at least one benefactor in his return to making music. Pop star Charlie Puth tweeted that he’d produce a new record for the tattoo-adorned rapper for free.