Tenacious D Kills Val Kilmer, Gets Back Together

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03.27.12 8 Comments

I’m as apathetic towards Tenacious D as a person can be. I go about living my life every day never giving them a thought one way or another. Even when I sway from thinking Jack Black can still — on rare occasions — be kind of funny to remembering he’s been cashing a decade’s worth of checks for mailing it in and somehow is still delusional enough to think he and the Foo Fighters can talk about indie cred, whether Tenacious D is together doesn’t even cross my mind. Seriously, look at all the f*cks I give.

That being said, this star studded short announcing their return and new album that I will never listen to is sort of fun. Within the first couple of minutes they manage to kill Val Kilmer while simultaneously providing context for his Tumblr mystery, so there’s no way I wasn’t going to enjoy it at least a little bit. I also don’t mind looking at Maria Menounos.

So yeah, if you have six minutes to burn there are worse things to watch than Jack Black, Kyle Glass, Dave Grohl, and Josh Groban showing off their indie street cred, montage-style.

Tenacious D via The Daily What

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