The 10 Most Hipster Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

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03.06.14 21 Comments

It’s Spike Lee’s nightmare: the Hipster Music Index. The fine folks at Priceonomics, with their twirly mustaches and acoustic guitars covered with stickers of synths, applied their “data capabilities to answer [an] important question,” what kind of music can hipsters listen to? Their criteria: if the musician got a positive review on Pitchfork, and by looking at “the number of Facebook likes the Pitchfork review received.”

Here are the 25 most hipster bands according to their methodology, none of which are named Vintage Kale.

Of the top-10 artists, I’ve seen one live (Iceage) and actively enjoy three (the Field, Iceage, and Autre Ne Veut). Which means I’m not a hipster — hipsters aren’t allowed to enjoy music.

Via Priceonomics

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