The Beatles Play Death Metal, And 6 Other Musical Genre Mashup Videos

If the Beatles had a MySpace page, their “genre” listing would be insufferably pretentious, if not 100% accurate. At their core, they’re a simple rock ‘n’ roll band, but on MySpace, they’d be a “rock/pop/skiffle/hard rock/country/psychedelica/acid-rock” group. In fact, an argument could be made for the Fab Four to be classified as one of hundreds of genres — with the exception of death metal. They are not a death metal band. Sadly.

But Los Angeles musician and composer Andy Rehfeldt, via Laughing Squid, wondered what they would sound like with growling vocals and destructive drumming. So, Rehfeldt made “I Want to Hold Your Hand” resemble a Morbid Angel song, just one of the many musical genre mashups he’s put together over the years, including polka Drake, Radio Disney Slipknot, and funk AC/DC. Here are some of our favorites.

The Beatles play death metal

Drake plays polka

Maroon 5 plays metal

AC/DC plays funk

Judas Priest play bossa nova

Slipknot plays Radio Disney

Adele plays jazz/metal

(Via Laughing Squid)

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