The Beatles Announced Details For The Forthcoming Streaming Of Their Entire Catalog

Nothing says “now it’s official” like a quick video on YouTube proclaiming that yes, now it’s official. So, when The Beatles drop a quick promo video on YouTube titled “THE BEATLES NOW STREAMING,” then you know it’s official, they are actually bringing their music to streaming services.

The band’s entire catalog, from Please Please Me to Past Masters (Volumes 1 & 2) will be available on all major streaming services starting just after midnight on Christmas Eve. This means that if you’ve reached your breaking point with Christmas music, and even random alternate versions of Christmas music won’t cut it anymore, you are 100% in luck because you can now spend all of Christmas and even Boxing Day listening to nothing but The Beatles.

Talk about a Christmas miracle!

And just like you can track Santa Claus’ progress around the world, you can track The Beatles’ streaming launch at

Stay tuned for more details.