EXCLUSIVE: The Cult Return With New Song ‘Dark Energy’

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The Cult is back with a brand new song, “Dark Energy.” The swaggering, mysterious rock icons come out swinging with a blast of tribal drums and a caustic, abrasive guitar riff. Produced by Bob Rock and written by singer Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy, the team behind Sonic Temple and Beyond Good and Evil returns with a brutal and beautiful new album Hidden City, February 5.

The throbbing blend of Astbury’s haunting baritone and Duffy’s punky guitar on “Dark Energy” offer a glimpse into Hidden City, The Cult’s 10th studio album. It is considered the final installment in a trilogy of recordings, beginning with 2007’s Born Into This and 2012’s Choice of Weapon and comprised of dark, moody songs with themes of redemption and rebirth throughout.

The album takes its name from the Spanish “La Ciudad Oculta” (literally, “the hidden city”) and the album reflects an awakening of consciousness through its tone and complexity. Astbury reveals, “Hidden City is a metaphor for our spiritual lives. I find today’s gurus are trying to peddle some cure, product or insight as if it’s a new phenomenon. My place is to respond, not react, to observe, participate and share through words and music. There is no higher authority than the heart.”

The song also rocks.