The Game Wants ‘Snitch’ Meek Mill To Pull Up So He Can ‘Beat His Ass One Good Time’

Here comes The Game challenging Meek Mill to a fist fight when Meek isn’t even 72 hours into mourning the tragic death of his cousin, who was gunned down in South Philly earlier this week.

The belligerent rapper was partying at Story in Miami early Thursday morning when he called out Meek for–your guess is as good as mine. It may have something to do with snitching though. “Aye, Meek Mill snitching on me,” The Game shouted to a drunk crowd while Stevie J’s “Heard Ah That” played. “I never heard of that. F*ck that n***a.”

While it’s not any indication of friendship, the two rappers have previously worked together so who knows why The Game’s doing a 180 now. Whatever the case, Game made it crystal clear Meek’s on his sh*tlist, even challenging the rapper to pull up if he’s really ’bout it. No guns though. “I just want to beat that n***a’s ass one good time. When you see me n***a, square up. It ain’t gotta be no guns, n***a. F*ck Meek Mill. N***a, I’m gang. Westside Bompton.”

Interestingly enough, Meek shared some new tracks he’s been working on and one of them features the Dreamchaser yelling “F*ck Stevie J.” Now unless he’s talking about old ratface, my guess is he’s talking about DJ Stevie J. So maybe that has something to do with it? Or maybe The Game’s just bored and wants to beef a little bit? That’s always a possibility with him. Either way, Meek Mill is still on probation. Plus, we’ve seen him box before and, well, maybe he’s gotten better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯