The Game Responds To Meek Mill’s Diss Track As Only He Could – With An Instagram Post

The feud between The Game and Meek Mill that apparently appeared out of thin air is showing no signs of slowing down, and after Meek returned Game’s initial jab with a diss track of his own, Jayceon is responding the way he knows best: with a hashtag laden Instagram post full of jokes.

Game took to his favorite app in the wee hours of Monday morning to continue his assault on Meek’s character, again calling the MMG rapper a snitch and a rat and things of that nature. “#MeekyMouse after I whoop his rat ass,” he said before adding a handful of rat emojis that you probably didn’t know even existed.

But the West Coast MC wasn’t done there, because he then took aim at Beanie Sigel for jumping into the beef, calling him out for his drug habits and a stint in rehab, even going so far as to release the address of the treatment facility. “How much crack you had to give that smoker weenie sigel to escape from rehab,” he joked on the post. “That n***a look bad homie, Stop posting pictures of that sick n***a, he need a bath, some warm food & a hug. Give me the fat sigel back & take that saggy ti**y, sucked up sherm head back to #SelfHelpMovement Rehab Center Of Philadelphia…. The address is 2600 South Hampton Road Philadelphia, PA 19116.”

The address is slightly off, but the facility pops up with a quick Google search. Whether Beans was there recently or not remains to be seen, but he has entered rehab before, rather publicly, and his former State Property comrades have spoken out publicly about his substance abuse issues in the past.

Knowing how Game works, he’ll probably have another diss track out by the afternoon, but he just had to get some more jabs in on Instagram beforehand, because he clearly loves that damn app.