The Lead Singer Of Puddle Of Mudd Was Reportedly Bailed Out Of Jail By A Fan

Wes Scantlin, the store brand cereal version of Scott Stapp, has been in trouble with the law more times than Puddle of Mudd had hits. His latest run-in with the police was at the Denver Airport where he was arrested for taking a “joy ride on the carousel.” PUNK. Promoter Rock Panther Presents wrote about the incident on Facebook, and they were none too pleased.

So if you haven’t heard yet Wes the lead signer from Puddle of Mudd decided to take a joy ride on the carousel at the airport this morning thru restricted access and got arrested. We have been on this all day and he is just about to be release from Jail and will head straight to the venue. The show will go on but that is why we are running late. ‪#‎f*ckingrockstars

In the saddest #f*ckingrockstars story since Limp Bizkit’s drummer started hawking boner pills (OK, it hasn’t happened yet, but it will), Scantlin’s bail was reportedly paid by a fan.

Scantlin tried getting in touch with Minka Kelly, but she wouldn’t even extend a “I hate f*cking you, la la la la la” to her ol’ music video buddy.