The Guys From Metallica Are Looking For Jobs In The Latest ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Ad

When it’s not trying to cram LeBron James’s free agency into every split second of air time, ESPN is still the best in the business at making clever commercials for its programming that everyone already watches religiously. The SportsCenter ads are always the best for the random cameos and clever workplace banter, and this brand new Metallica spot is no different. With legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera enjoying retirement, the band suddenly has nothing to do, because we are to believe that James Hetfield and Co. were somehow traveling with Mo and playing “Enter Sandman” every time that he entered a game during his storied career.

Nonsensical plot holes aside, it’s a lot of fun to imagine Metallica joining John Daly on the road for his Hooters parking lot tailgates. Average buffalo wings, orange short shorts, aging rock stars and a guy hitting golf balls off of beer cans? I believe I just described the perfect vision of ‘Merica.