The Killers Are The Best Band From The Last 15 Years, Says Killers Singer

The Killers, who disowned their last album, are the greatest thing to happen to music in the last decade and a half, says The Killers’ lead singer. Brandon Flowers told the Independent that “we might be the best band in the last long time,” and “I’d go up any night against just about any band that’s come out in the last 15 years. Not that it’s a competition, but I do feel sometimes people don’t have a grasp on what we’ve accomplished and what we’ve acquired. Everyone should come see The Killers! We’re more than just a new wave revival thing.”

Now that’s looking on the Mr. Brightside of life. (Sorry.)

Anyway, before we dismiss Flowers’ claim, let’s remember that “When You Were Young” and “Mr. Brightside” are fantastic genre-swapping pop songs, the kind that you’ll still listen to on the radio even after you’ve heard them 150 times. That being said, one-fourth of their catalog “wasn’t good enough” for them, and the other three aren’t solid all the way through, either.

The Killers are a singles band, not an album band, which puts them behind LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, The Hold Steady, and approximately A LOT of other groups who did both. There are too many to name, in fact, so let’s instead listen to “When You Were Young” for the 151st time.

(Via the Independent)