The Killers’ Glitzy, Swaggering Video For ‘The Man’ Contains A Subtle Warning

The Killers’ comeback single “The Man” contained all the glitzy swagger we’ve come to expect from the Las Vegas rockers. It sounded like Brandon Flowers had been letting his maximalist tendencies back up and build, only to come rushing out in a single over-the-top and goofy blast of new music. The music video appears to be on that same high until, well, it isn’t.

You wouldn’t quite expect it from a song with a breakdown built around the phrase “Who’s the man?” but The Killers’ latest video is actually a warning against feeling yourself a bit too much. The video is a cross-section of stories throughout the band’s hometown, but they all end in the same spot. Everyone in the video — whether they’re karaoke singers, gamblers or showmen — positively struts throughout the video, only to be brought low by the time it closes. While the story and video is giving a particularly Vegas bent — with aging and poorly attended casino shows and out-of-towners on hot streaks — it’s a warning not to let yourself get carried away even when you aren’t on the strip. Give it a watch up top.

“The Man” is all we’ve heard so far from The Killers’ upcoming album Wonderful Wonderful, which doesn’t have a release date just yet.