The Killers’ Funky, Apocalyptic New Single ‘The Man’ Sounds ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

The Killers made good on their promise of new music. And because this is Brandon Flowers, they did it in the biggest and gaudiest way possible. “The Man” — their first new single since 2012’s Battle Born — is a stomping and glittery slice of apocalyptic funk. Listen to it below.

On the first taste of their just announced new album Wonderful Wonderful, Flowers swaggers his way through the wasteland. A choir and some undeniable, crunchy bass backs up his assertions that he’s really the man come ’round. It’s the funkiest reference to death you’ll hear today, that’s for sure.

Of course, this is still The Killers. Alongside the deliciously bombastic arrangements, you will have to accept a fair amount of cheese. I’m not sure even Bruno Mars could pull off that schmaltzy line about being “USDA certified lean” but the chorus swoops in quickly enough to clean up. Barring U2, no one else working makes music this un-self-consciously large. And it’s just good to hear this band absolutely going for it again, honestly, whiffs and all.

Beyond “The Man” little is known about Wonderful Wonderful. The band hasn’t set a release date or shared a tracklist. But you can hear Flowers lay out tidbits in an interview with the BBC above.

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