The Lead Singer Of The Calling Was Kidnapped And Brutally Beaten Over The Weekend

Alex Band of the Calling will go wherever you will go, except into your van after a tragic experience yesterday morning that left him bruised, beaten, and dumped on the railroad tracks in Michigan. TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the situation tell us … the singer was in Lapeer, MI for a music festival … and decided to walk from his hotel to a nearby mini mart around 4am Sunday morning.

We’re told … during the stroll, a van pulled up alongside Alex and the people inside snatched the singer right off the street — then proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

Eventually, sources say, the abductors dumped the badly beaten rocker on some nearby train tracks. (Via)

TMZ is also quick to add, “The Calling was huge back in 2001…but broke up soon after. We’re told the band had just recently reunited.” I bet it was those no-good hooligans in Lifehouse.

(Via TMZ)