The New My Bloody Valentine Album Is Here

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02.02.13 7 Comments

After two decades, one missed deadline, and countless broken promises by Kevin Shields and listens to Loveless, there’s at last a new My Bloody Valentine album. Or will be, once their website loads.

After 21 long years, My Bloody Valentine have released the followup to their 1991′s Loveless. Titled MBV and spanning nine tracks, the album is available for purchase through the band’s website in three formats: digital download, CD, and limited-edition 180 gram vinyl.

The digital version of the album is available in three file types, including 16bit WAV, 24bit WAV, and 320kbps MP3. The price of the digital download is the same regardless of the file quality and size. (Via)

If you go to the band’s website, expect to see a Service Error message, though the sounds of thousands of stay-at-home music nerds grinding their teeth, smashing glass, and cutting tables in half with a chainsaw because they can’t hear the follow-up to Loveless might actually sound a lot like MBV. Good luck getting through.

Here’s the tracklisting:

01. she found now
02. only tomorrow
03. who sees you
04. is this and yes
05. if i am
06. new you
07. in another way
08. nothing is
09. wonder 2

(Via CoS)

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