The Real Lorde Performed ‘I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya’ From ‘South Park’

She is Lorde, ya ya ya, and she’s handling her South Park appearance with more grace than Kanye West (then again, Matt and Trey didn’t imply she’s a gay fish who’s married to a Hobbit). Not only was she a fan of the extremely complimentary “The Cissy,” calling it “weird and cool,” she even sang Randy Marsh’s, I mean, her “I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya” during an interview with New Zealand’s TV3.

“I was thinking, ‘Yeah he has a mustache…I mean I have a mustache, but is it that prominent?’ But it was someone’s dad pretending to be me. We actually, in my hotel room, went ‘Ya ya ya ya ya I’m Lorde! Ya ya ya!’ for like an hour, because that’s why they do on the episode, so…” (Via)

Lorde’s even a better sport than Jennifer Lopez, who STILL hasn’t sung “Taco Flavored Kisses.”

Via CoS