The Weeknd Once Again Shows Off His Extreme Plastic Surgery Look

The Weeknd has done a terrific job in promoting his album After Hours, not just in getting the word out, but in generating stories that went beyond the music. The most recent example of that came from his “Save Your Tears” video, in which he appeared to have some major facial plastic surgery done. His artificial-looking face, which indeed was artificial, had everybody talking, and now he has trotted it out again for a new Instagram post.

The photo is a simple one and seems to have been taken on the day of the “Save Your Tears” shoot. The angle at which The Weeknd has his head makes his extreme protruding cheeks the highlight of the picture. A few weeks ago, he shared another photo of himself in character, sitting in a make-up chair and posing to show off his exaggerated features.

In case it wasn’t clear, The Weeknd didn’t actually go to a plastic surgeon and get his face deformed. It was done with the help of prosthetics, and the person who brought the look to life, Prosthetic Renaissance Makeup-FX Studio designer Mike Marino, recently shared how he made it happen. The process involved multiple facial prosthetics, and it’s fascinating to see how it came together.